Chapter 2:
The Impossible Discovery

      Piccolo was confused for a second, but quickly deduced his perdicament. Obviously,
the food he ate was drugged, for he could almost feel the poison in his system. Why that
Di'jon guy wanted to lock Piccolo up in a dungeon was beyond him, though.
      Well, Piccolo thought, I'd better make good use of my time. So, he
plopped down cross-legged in the corner of the grey, unfurnished jail cell and began to
meditate. The reason Piccolo meditated was about the same reason everyone else he knew
worked out. It sharpened his senses and awareness, but by channeling his mental energies
rather than his physical ones. Because of this, Piccolo had won many battles in the past
just from pure cunning. Lately, his cunning seemed like it was beggining to become nothing
compared to the mindless brute force of the others. It seemed so unfair, though, that all
of these muscle heads won their battles through just that - muscle. He wished he could find
someone else that respected the mind like he did. He thought he had found someone when he
met Chaozu, but anyone who laughed at Kaio-sama's jokes was just simply a idiot, no way
around it.
      Once again, Piccolo's thoughts were interrupted. A small slit opened up in the solid
metal door that seperated him from the outside at about eye-level. And, indeed, a pair of
eyed appeared in it. Piccolo heard a rough grunt come from whatever was on the other side.
Then, another larger opening appeared at the bottom of the door. From it came a plate with
a small chunk of bread and a cup of water.
      The rough voice said, "here's your food, green one." Then both of the openings
closed. Piccolo got up and walked over to the offerings. He knelt down and inspected the
bread, which was a little stale. Piccolo "hmm"ed.
      The last thing the guard saw when he whirld around twards the sound of the explosion
what a large green fist careening into his face.
      Piccolo looked at the guard on the ground. He was out cold. All of a sudden, another
voice rang out. "Hey!" came from the end of the narrow door-lined hall. A guard came
charging at Piccolo with a sharp spear. Piccolo simply grabbed the end of the spear and
used the guards own momentum to flp him over his head and into the ground behind him. That
guard didn't get up, either.
      Piccolo crossed his arms at a job-well-done, then looked at his surroundings. There
was a stairway going up at the one end that the guard came from. In the other direction,
the hall continued going. He couldn't see all the way, for the place was only dimly lit
with small torches. Piccolo's curiosity got the best of him, and he made his way down the
long way.
      It was an endless hallway, lined endlessly with cold metal doors. It was like a bad
dream almost. Piccolo wondered if all of the cells held somebody.
      It's about the time he wondered this when he noticed something. There was small
writing carved into the wall next to each cell door. He stopped to check it out. One said
"Morian: Male". He wasnt' quite sure what a Morian was, but it must be something living to
be male...
      Piccolo began to wander down the halls again, but this time he glanced at all the
writing. There were cells labeled with species of many kind, and both male and female for
many. Some were labeled "noid" though, as he was shure his was. One cell he got to had no
door, but what seemed to be a blasted hole for an enterance (much resembling Piccolo's now
former cell). He looked at the species name, which was half blown away. All that was left
was "...a'jin: Male". Piccolo could only guess.
      He noticed a definite pattern. All of the males were on the left side, and all of the
females were on the right. Piccolo thought ah... I was on the left side, but he
dissmissed this thought, guessing they put him there because he resembled a male of other
species. But he wondered... he began to pick up pace scanning the incriptions. There was an
android, labeld "Noid", but still on the male's side. That explains it.
      Piccolo was in wonder at the vastness of this all. But, he stopped. There are
people trapped here... he thought. ... sucks to be them!
      Piccolo was about to turn around when another species name caught his attention. He
wasn't sure why, but it seemed familliar. He got closer to it so he could read it...
      Piccolo's eyes buldged, and he recoiled in horror, eyes locked on the inscription.
No! he thought, this can't be... impossible! He read it over and over again,
just to be sure it said what he thought it said. And it did. "By the gods... is this...
possible?" he murmered to himself. It read:
      "Namek: Female"

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