Chapter 1:

      Piccolo sat under the lone tree on Kaio-sama's planet, meditating. What else was
there to do? Everything on Namek was going to hell, with Freiza and all. All of his allies
- that were still living - were having a tough time with just the Ginyu Force, and Gokou
wasn't even close to Namek. Things didn't look good.
      And the worst thing was that he was stuck at the end of snake road with four of the
most dim-witted people in the universe. All two of them could ever think of was "training",
which to them seemed to be just lifting weights. As if Tien and Yamcha weren't muscle
headed enough already. Piccolo respected Chaozu, at least until the little white kid
started laughing at Kaio-sama's stupid jokes. It especially annoyed Piccolo when he laughed
at the jokes of which Piccolo was the punch-line. He wished he could beat some sense into
that fat blue catfish man just for coming up with them.
      Piccolo's train of thought was interrupted when Yamcha, Tien, and Chaozu thundered
by, chasing that stupid little monkey. Piccolo's turban, which was laying on the ground,
was now trampeled into the ground. He eyed it for a second. He sighed. Finally, his mind
came to a decision.
      That's it, he thought, I'm leaving.
      Piccolo picked up his disheveled headpiece and brushed it off. Pulling it over his
caranium, he stood up. He eyed the three fools chasing the monkey. What's the point of
that? he asked himself. He was really annoyed with that thing. He wanted to snap it's
little furry neck, along with everyone else for being moronic enough to actually chase the
damn thing.
      He began to walk twards the "edge" of the miniature planet. He looked into the
      There was that eternal road that resembled the back of a snake. The road that was
filled with the bizzare and the fatal. He could get killed out there, and the gods only
knew what would happen to him if he was sent into the demension after the one he was
currently in. Perhaps there wasn't another dimension, but oblivion. Non-existance. How
risky. Sounded like a good place to hang.
      Piccolo levitated himself off the planet. Kaio-sama intantly took notice. He looked
up from his dinner plate of pork chops and side of steamed rice.
      "Hey... what are you doing?" he asked demandingly.
      "Oh, just going for a walk," Piccolo aswered without looking at him. He then flew
away from the planet twards Snake Road.
      Kaio-sama jumped out of his chair. "Piccolo! You can't be serious! Get back here, you
idiot!" His yelling instantly drew the attention of the others.
      Yamcha looked in wonder, "What is he doing?"
      Kaio-sama was mad and frustrated, "I don't know what the hell he's doing! He's
commiting suicide if you ask me! Even I don't know all the things that are out there!"
      "Aw Kaio," said Tien, "I'm sure he'll be alright."
      Kaio-sama looked at the Namek, who was rapidly getting smaller in the distance, "I
hope so... why do you think he left?"
      "Maybe he finally got sick of your jokes," Yamcha suggested.
      Kaio-sama laughed, "Naw, that couldn't be it!"
* * * * *
This might be the smartest thing I've ever done thought Piccolo. Eventually, he landed on the road. He looked back at Kaio-sama's planet, which was now far away, but still visible. Piccolo turned the other way and began walking. He wanted to get as far away as possible from that place. He hung his head and began to ponder again as he walked. He wondered how Gohan was doing. He kinda missed the little twerp. He also missed Gokou. He wasn't the brightest man alive, but he was fun to be around sometimes. He then thought of everyone else. Kuririn, Burama, even Chi-Chi. He thought she was okay. He just wished she'd lay off the boy once and awhile. Then he thought of Roshi and Oolong, and had a good guess at what they were using their spare time for. Then he thought of the ordeal. He really wished he could go back to Namek at least to defend his home planet. It really sucked having to sit around while that kitchen appliance reject Freiza made a mess of everything. Then he thought an intersting thought. All the people that have been killed before... could they be found here in the next dimension? What a thought. It would be great to take out some aggression on Nappa if he ever met him again. Piccolo's train of thought was interrupted again. Not by any sound or movement, but of an glitering object in the distance. It was off the side of the road, and it looked pretty big. With nothing better to do, Piccolo decided to inspect. He lifted himself off the road and began to fly twards the object. As he drew closer, he could make out the basic shape. It seemed to be... a castle. Upon closer inspection, he could see that the walls seemed to be made of glittering silver, and the edges lined with gold. It was a rather interesting spectacle. Then, Piccolo spied the enterance, which was guarded on both sides by two spear-weilding soldiers. Eventually Piccolo landed on a small patch of grassy land in front of the castle. The two soldiers, who resembeled two pink humanoid fish in armor, paid no heed. However, as Piccolo approached the gate, they both lowered their spears across the gate, forming a cross. One spoke up, still not looking. "State thy name, one who comes tho the Castle of Condet, "the guard on the right said. Piccolo hesitated, then answered, "I'm... Piccolo." "Of what race?" demanded the guard on the left. Again, he hesitated, but again he answered, "Namek." Both of their eyes buldged. "Oh... c... come right in, sir" they both said simultaneously. They moved their spears out of the way. The silver gated opened immediatly. Piccolo "hmmm"ed to himself, then went in. He looked about. He was in a small courtyard, which was made up of a couple dirt paths through a garden of many different flowers. As Piccolo admired the sight, another fish-person came up on his left, this time a female in white robes. "Sir..." Piccolo, startled, automatically spun around to meet an assailent, but found the fish-maiden. She acted calmly. "Allow me to welcome you to to Condet Castle. I am Ketch, your guide. Follow me to the king's chamber." She turned and began walking down the middle dirt path. Piccolo couldn't do much but follow. Piccolo took in his surroundings. The walls of the castle were lined with rooms on the inside. The large building they were heading for in the middle of the castle was probobly the king's chamber. Indeed it was, for when the golden doors of the building opened, he saw inside a grand hall with silver pillars an a throne guarded by two more fish soldiers. And in that throne was, of course, a rather kingly fish. He was adorned with a red robe and and a golden crown atop his head. Leaning against the side of the silver throne was a red staff with a golden key on the top of it. Ketch turned to Piccolo, "Behold, his majesty, King Di'jon." She the stepped off to the side so Piccolo could walk closer. He looked up at the kingfish, who looked back with a steely gaze. Piccolo crossed his arms. "Greetings." he said. He then straightened himself out and cleared his throat. "Many welcomes to my castle, green one," said Di'jon, "Have you traveled far to get here?" Now that Piccolo thought about it, he wasn't quite sure how far he had gone before he had gotten to this castle. He must have been compleatly lost in thought when he was walking, "I came from King Kaio-sama's planet." Di'jon raised a fishy eyebrow, "King Kaio-sama? Hmm... that is a long way." "Yes, it is," agreed Piccolo. "Of course it is. Now, you must be tired. We shall have a banquet tonight in your honor. We don't get many visitors, you know," he looked at the lady fish, "Ketch shall escourt you to some guest's quarters. Ketch..." Ketch bowed to Di'jon, "Of course, sir," she looked at Piccolo, "this way, sir" She led him up some stars on one of the walls, to a guest room. It was well furnished with a bed, couch, chair, and a table. There was also a bathroom. "I shall leave you to get ready. I will come and get you when his highness is ready." Ketch stated. She then closed the door behind her as she left. Piccolo looked around the room. Might as well make the best of it, he thought.
* * * * *
After a shower (where'd the running water come from, Piccolo wondered), Piccolo began to become bored again. Luckily, there was a knock on the door. It was Ketch. She told him that it was time. She led him back to the king's chamber, and through another door, where there was a long table. On the far end, Di'jon was seated. "Ah! Piccolo. I'm glad you decided to join us. Please. Sit!" He sat at the other end of the table. Almost instantly, more servants in white robes came with food and drink for the both of them. They put in front of him a main course of something green, a side of something red, and some sort of wine. He picked up the silver goblet and sniffed it's contents. It was wine, alright. "So," said the king, "how is it that you arrived here?" "You mean the Next Dimension?" "Yes." "Hmm... well, it's a long and somewhat sad story. Let's just say I was killed by a force beyond my control." "Well spoken, sir. That would explain how just about all of us got here. Well! Enough talk. Let's eat! I do hope you enjoy what my chef has prepared." Already the Namek was enjoying the wine. It was pretty good. He was almost tempted to guzzle it. But he put it down, and sampled the food. The green stuff tasted like a variety of things, and the red stuff tasted like a variety of other things. Not bad, though. It was around being halfway done when Piccolo began to feel tired. Maybe this was a bad idea he thought silently. He then spoke up. "Uhnnn... sir, I hate to be rude, but... I'm feeling a little fatigued." "Oh? That's quite alright. Katch can take you to your quarters." And Katch was already on it. "This way sir," she said. Piccolo got up and followed her. He was rather woozy. Must've walked more than I imagined... he thought. When Piccolo got to his room, he fell asleep the moment he hit the bed. He awoke in a dungeon cell. "Hmmm..." he "hmm"ed.

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