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Hello and Welcome to the WCU Webring Homepage. I consider this the home page over the one at Yahoo since that one is screwed up to the point I really can't edit it the way I want it. Oh, well. This ring is owned, run, and contains the wacky homepages of the VERY wired college of Western Carolina University (WCU) so all may see the true strangeness that happens at college! (WCU is not in any way responsible for anything on this webring)The only rules for joining are:

1. You must be either a Student or an Alumni of WCU or...
2. Your website has something to do with WCU
Any questions, just email me at Jai_byrd13@hotmail.com
To Join click HERE!

If you do not like the Yahoo/Webring code like I do, use this one instead:

<--BEGIN WCU WEBRING CODE--> <center> This <a href="http://members.tripod.com/~Jaibyrd/WCUWebRing.html" TARGET="_top"> Students of Western Carolina University Web Ring</a> site owned by <a href="mailto:YOUR EMAIL">YOUR NAME</a>. <br> <A HREF="http://nav.webring.yahoo.com/hub?ring=1701&list" TARGET="_top"> <IMG SRC="http://Jaibyrd.tripod.com/WCUWebring/WCUring.jpg" border=0></A> <br> </center> <--END WCU WEBRING CODE-->

Just Cut and Paste to your website, then edit in your NAME and EMAIL where it says so in the code and you're done! Easy, huh? It should look something like this:

This Students of Western Carolina University Web Ring site owned by Jai'byrd.