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	Why? Many people have speculated why Catwoman is so attractive as 
a comic book character, and not just because of her looks (=~.^=).
She's a thief, a loner, and she always lands on her feet in any
situation. She has to, it's how she survives, and one had to be good to
survive in Gotham City. She is the very spirit of a feline trapped in a
human body and she uses that fact to her advantage very well while most
would squander it, especially in the real world. I love the fact she is
one of the few comic book females that is recognized for her brains as 
well as her body. The ability of thinking one's way out of any
situation is a very handy talent indeed and hard to come by in today's
modern lifestyle. This is one of the reasons I love reading the comics,
the "How is she going to pull this off now?" thought is always running
through my mind as I read. 
	In the end there are tons of reasons people read the comic, but in 
the end, we all love her for just being Catwoman.

Real Name: Selina Kyle
Occupation: Professional thief, adventurer
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
First Appearance: BATMAN #1 (Spring, 1940)

(Taken from the DC Comics Webpage)

	I'm relating Catwoman's history out of the present line of
Catwoman comics. I really don't know what had come before this present
comic series history wise, but if you want to learn more about that,
I'd suggest going to The Catwoman Homepage. This is what I know, and
what I'm going to tell.
	In the beginning Selina Kyle was born to what seemed like a sound
home, but when she was still just a baby her Mother committed suicide. 
Her Father, taking her Mother's death very hard, turned to the drink to
drown all of his sorrows in leaving Selina practically all alone with
her Mother's abandoned cats. One night she woke up and found her father 
dead, called 911 to inform someone and then promptly left to live on 
Gotham's streets all alone. 
	She didn't fair very well and was captured soon after a week. The 
city saw to it that she was sent to Sea Gate, a home for orphan girls
who've committed crimes. Sea Gate wasn't all it was supposed to be as
the director of the institution was embezzling money from the school to 
line her own pockets with. Selina caught on to this and pulled off her 
first real crime, stealing the director's ledger with all the evidence
of the embezzlement in it and the director's confidence. Then letting 
all the girls go, she went forth into Gotham again with a new strength.
	Soon after that, she again was caught for lifting wallets at a 
Carnival, but not by the cops, by a man named Del Halperm. Seeing her
potential, he took Selina in and the people at the Carnival trained her
to become a excellent thief over the time she stayed with them. After 
Del's death she again went back to Gotham and this time had the 
training to survive. Over the years she became a master thief, refining 
her art more and more, but in success she got sloppy.
	At 19 she was almost caught at a heist at the Robenson Park 
high rise complex and was badly wounded in the process. She was saved 
by a pimp named Stan, who set her up working as a prostitute who would
steal from her clients for him as they were still asleep in her room.
It was a safe job, and she hated it, but it didn't stay that way long. 
One night on a job she ran into a Ninja named Kai who beat her up for
stealing the same thing he was going to and then left her for dead. 
Instead, Selina got up and followed him back to a secret Dojo where he
trained. There she challenged him and instead became a student of the
Dojo's Sensei. Under his teaching, she learned to refine herself as 
well as his Martial Arts. Also during this time she got to see the 
mysterious Batman for the first time and in doing so she too was 
inspired to become who we all know and love today... Catwoman.