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Yes, the WeIrDo ZoNe gets regular annoyance and since tons of other sites have it, I thought I'd waste some space and more of your time. Nice of me, eh? Plus there are some people that contact me that are stranger than I... (If one of these e-mails is yours, don't be offended by my answers, I'm usually poking fun at the world at large, or I really am poking fun at you. On second thought, nevermind this disclaimer then.)

Hi. I just looked at your homepage. Very nice. Signed your guestbook.
Lemmie ask you a stupid question-- how do you make a banner?
--Knight Shade

Questions are stupid, frankly we should be at a high enough level where we should simply
divine the answer straight from the other person's head. Case in point, people who don't
use their blinkers are already training others to use this technique by forcing them to
figure out which way they're going to turn before you go up their tail pipes. Aren't they
Oh yeah, since you asked so nicely, I use Adobe Photoshop to make most of the crud in
the Weirdo Zone.

I love the bards stories! You should write a book!

(In tune to "Where have all the Cowboys Gone?")
"Where is my semi-colon?
Where is my comma?
Where is my exclamation point?
Where have all the Apostrophes gone?"
I hate that, you know you just can't use Apostrophes in Javascript. Take a look at the
mouseovers I have on all the pictures (if you can). Notice there are no Apostrophes? If you
use them, they screw up your code. Apostrophes. Apostrophes. Boy that's an odd word to say,
Apostrophes. Plus it is such a huge word for such a little thingy. Why is that?

Wow! You are a VERY talented artist! I'm just wondering..did you learn
how to draw by yourself or did you have andyone to teach you or
anything? I'm wondering cuz I love to draw and I'm basically teaching
myself to draw. Any tips?

Ya know, I had this dream once where everything was black and white and I could draw on
everything around me. It was great, all I did was draw, draw, draw... I drew on my brother,
I drew on my mother, I drew on the car, I drew on the house... I don't think I drew on the
animals though. I think the horses and the cats wouldn't like it very much. Plus I don't
think I made it outside of the house in the dream... So, do as I did. Draw on everything.
People may not like it much when you jab a sharp pencil in 'em, but is should be okay as
long as you ask them nicely first.

You may cal it the weird zone, and we can argue Bout' it later, but I
call it the Great Beyond. Actually, I don't even run it. The goddess of
lost and found has to do that, I think she lost a bet.
Ps. I'm SiYa,, The goddess of the weird, and it sooo nice to have a sis!!

Technically, the technical term for this place is a Hippopotamus. I don't know why, it
just is. That makes me wonder though, when a Hippopotamus looks at a website does he think
it's a Human? Or does he just eat it? That reminds me, I'm hungry. I think I'll have a
website steak.

Greetings Oh Wise One,
I have to say most of the internet is crap, but not your web site.
I read the weirdness pages, and laughed until I had to stop and get some
air. Please post more weirdness when you think it up.
-S. P. Riley

I'm sorry to inform you that I've given up thinking. It leads to the end of the Universe
as we know it. "Why?" you ask? Simple really, due to the Laws of Conservation of Matter
and Energy, matter and energy can neither be destroyed or created, but they transform into
one another quite frequently. However, when they do this, a tiny amount is lost in the
transition back and forth and being in a closed system which is our universe (as far as we
know) we can never get that lost amount back, thus depleting our universe. So, in
thinking, which is a biochemical process of both matter and energy, we are contributing to
the loss of the fundamentals of our universe everyday. So follow our President
"Dubbya's" shining example. Don't think.

Just a quick note to say I liked your site and your wry sense of humor.
There, that's all I have to say, hope it didn't annoy you.

Annoyance is a relative thing. Your Relatives annoy you, thus you don't like them much.
It's just the way it goes. I however, like my family. Heck, LyfeSeaker's crud is all over
this website even though I've told him numerous times to go make his own website. He was
going to make a website dedicated to all the Bad Guys in TV, Movies, Books, and Video
Games. Where would we be without them? Bored, I tell you! VERY Bored! So, be thankful for
Bad Guys, and your relatives too I guess.

Well, that's it for now. If you'd like to annoy me with some nonsense of your own, don't hesitate to harass me at Jai_byrd13@hotmail.com. =^.^=