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Major Motoko Kusanagi of Division 9. This android with a human soul is one person you don't want to mess with. She has a unwavering stare that can pierce through any armor, skin that is able to blend into any background, and a soul to match all her logic circuits. I admire her dealings with her inner turmoils and her ability to have some fun with it at the same time!!


What are you looking at?

Race: Cyborg
Age: Unknown
Hair: Black (in the Anime), Blue-Black (in the Manga)
Eyes: Pale Blue-Grey (in the Anime), Red (in the Manga)
Status: A Major working for the infamous Division 9

~~~~In the OVA (1995) the Major is a cybernetic officer for the secretive Section 9. She is so hardwired that very little exists of her original human body, and this she ponders. During the movie she calls into question what it is to be "human" especially since humans without any cybernetic enhancements can get their "ghosts" or souls/brains hacked like a computer and their memories erased and stolen. When Section 9 goes head to head with Section 6 over the "Puppet Master", she learns the answers to her questions in a very unexpected way...
~~~~Although I have yet to get the Manga by Masamune Shirow (originally called Kokaku kidotai), I've read that it covers what's going on in the Major's life before and after the events depicted in the OVA with a few side stories thrown in. For more information, check the Major's Links section on this page. There is also a Ghost in the Shell 2 Manga that's out in Japan right now, but it's unknown when its coming out in America.



The Major's Links:

Whispers in the ghosT...
This place is absolutely gorgeous design-wise. Tons of information, pictures, and a couple other unique little features!

MANGA: Ghost in the Shell
If you'd like to learn more about the OAV and the Manga, Try this cool website!

Christina's Ghost in the Shell Page
Although a small website, it has an interesting essay on how the Japanese view the body and identity

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