Finally, the Question of the Month gets it's own page! Ever since I thought the Trek question idea up, I had it stuck at the bottom of my Star Trek page thus, I don't think anyone saw it much. So, without further ado, here is this Month's question(s) and the answers to last month's question(s)...

The New Questions for the months of August and September are:
August: On what TV show did DeForest Kelley once play a drunken doctor who lets Leonard Nimoy's character die?
September: When did Gene Roddenberry receive his star on Hollywood's walk of fame?
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The Answers to the last three month's questions are:
May: In what Broadway play did William Shatner appear with Spencer Tracy before the first Star Trek pilot was filmed?
Judgment at Nuremberg
June: In what 1952 science fiction film did Leonard Nimoy play the alien Narab?
Zombies of the Stratosphere
July: On what TV show did DeForest Kelley play a doctor in communication with a UFO in distress?
"Y.O.R.D.", an episode of Science Fiction Theatre
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Found those too easy? Missed previous month's questions? Look below for the ever expanding Ultimate Star Trek Quiz!

1. In "Journey to Babel," how old is Spock's father?

2. "On that day I shall mourn." Which day is Spock 
   referring to?

3. What is "All" in the Vulcan philosophy? 
   ("The Savage Curtain")

4. What is the physical range of Vulcan telepathy?

5. What is Spock's serial #?

6. What was the Original name of the Star Trek spaceship, 
   before it was called the Enterprise?

7. In what part of outer space was this ship to conduct its mission? 

8. What was the Original name of Spock's native planet?

9. Name the two actors who were going to play Janeway before 
   Kate Mulgrew? (Hint: (a) one was female, and (b) the other was male)

10. Where is the Sickbay found on the Original Enterprise? 

11. Where is the Primary hull circuit breaker found on the Original Enterprise?  

12. Which Original Series Cast Member said "I love all dialects"?

13. What Star Trek cast member guest-starred on the Batman TV series?

14. Which Ship Class name means "Ever upward"?

15. What was the name for the Federation before it was called Starfleet Command?

16. Which two Sci Fi writers were members of the Committe formed to
    save Star Trek from cancellation?

17. What famous attorney played Gorgan the Friendly Angel?

1. 102.437 years old (102 is acceptable).

2. The day when Flint (alias Da Vinci, Brahms, Solomon, etc.) 
   eventually dies. ("Requiem for Methuselah").

3. Nome (meaning "All things").

4. As far as we, the "Star Trek" viewers, have seen, it is several
   parsecs. This was shown when Spock "felt" the 400+ Vulcans die 
   on board the U.S.S. Intrepid. ("The Immunity Syndrome").

5. S 179-276 SP. ("Court Martial").

6. The S.S. Yorktown

7. In the ninth quadrant, from Alpha Centauri to the outer limits
   of the Pinial Galaxy

8. Volcanis 

9. (a) Geneviéve Bujold and
   (b) Nigel Havers

10. G Deck, Level 7

11. J Deck, Level 10 

12. James Doohan

13. Grace Lee Whitney (she played Yeoman Rand in the first season)

14. Excelsior Class

15. Star Fleet Control or the United Earth Space Probe Agency (UESPA)

16. A. E. Van Vogt and Frank Herbert

17. Melvin Belli