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This is Iria, who is a bounty hunter in both the live-action movie and the Anime. She's one killer bounty hunter but still has a heart under all the armor that makes her all the more life-like. Plus she loves her brother just as much as I do mine! My brother and I stumbled upon the live-action movie Zeiram on the SciFi channel one day and watched the entire thing just to make fun of the bad dubbing. Little did we know that a couple years down the road, that we would come across the anime Iria: Zeiram the Animation based the movie Zeiram. At first I noticed there was something familiar about it, when my brother put the pieces together and remebered Zeiram. Thanks LyfeSeaker!


Why is the

Race: Human
Age: 17 to 18 (in the Anime), Late 20's (in the Live-Actions)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown/Red
Status: Apprentice hunter, full later on...

....In the opening of the Animation (6-ep. OVA) we see a young woman fighting off some men that have taken hostages. After freeing the hostages and disarming the men, they are taken from her by a rival Bounty hunter named Fujikuro, thus for the first time we meet Iria as she exchanges some sharp words with the man. At the beginning, Iria is only an apprentice bounty hunter to her older "brother" Gren. These two and their mentor Bob go off to respond to a distress call from the ship the Karma where the three meet their destiny and Iria meets her life long adversary, the monster known only as Zeiram.
....In the first Live Action Movie, Zeiram, Iria is an older; more experienced bounty hunter, who is sent back in time to stop Zeiram once again before he destroys Tokyo. She manages to trap him in another dimension so the real Tokyo won't be damaged in the fight, but two bumbling trash collectors also get trapped in there with her and the monster, forcing Iria to not only stop Zeiram single-handed, but protect them as well.
....In Zeiram 2, the Zeiram monster has been "tamed" so to speak, and are now used for sidekicks to bounty hunters. Iria takes one on as her ward, but on a mission something goes horribly wrong and the Zeiram go berserk. Yet again Iria must stop Zeiram as well as save her own skin!

....In the Animation Iria's voice is played by Hisakawa Aya in the Japanese Version and in the English version is played by Stacie Lynn Renna.



Iria's Links:

This is a page with a review of Zeiram and Zeiram 2,
but it was all I could find on the live action movies!

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