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Lady Kayura should have been one of the first on my Anime Women pages, since Ronin Warriors was the first Anime Series I ever watched. This did not come to pass though, and the reason is because I had forgotten about her in the series until I saw it again 5 years later on Cartoon Network. So here she is at last, the one the only Lady Kayura, the woman who kicked Ronin Warrior butt and the only thing that saved them from her is Kayura going good in the end. Being evil can be so gratifying sometimes! =~.^= ~ Jai'byrd =^.^=


As Cartman from SP would say, 'She's a hella-bitch!'

Race: Clan of the Ancients
Age: 405 years old
Hair: Blue-Black
Eyes: Blue
Status: Demon Priestess/Princess

````After Anubis jumped sides, Lady Kayura took over as the leader of the Warlords (supposedly) and they made it well known that they didn't like her. Also known as the Demon Priestess (or Princess), she is Talpa's right hand woman and more powerful fighter than the Warlords and the Ronin Warriors. Before being brainwashed by Talpa by the gold chest plate she wears, she was a member of the Clan of the Ancients and was one of those who was being trained to defend Earth from evil.
````She later remembers this when the chest plate is broken by Ryo, but is brainwashed again only to have her mind freed once more by Anubis. After Anubis' death, she gains his armor and the Staff of the Ancient to fight Talpa with. In the end, she leaves with the Warlords to help them rebuild the Dynasty.
````When she initially appears, she is accompanied by the vision of wisteria blossoms and petals. Her weapons are twin jitte - the jitte a much older cousin to the sai. Instead of the central rod we're familiar with in the sai, this ancient form of jitte has a slender two-edged sword blade.



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