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Ah, Miranda, Team Queen of the Killer Komandos Bike Team from Venus Wars. In other words, one heck of a B**** =~.^= (you didn't hear that word either if you have virgin ears). Actually I hated the Venus Wars OAV, simply due to the blond reporter who was more annoying than first season Sailor Moon on caffeine! Now the Manga is an entirely different story! The Manga is one of the best stories I have read in a while and I highly suggest getting the first volume and checking it out yourself! (Another reason it's so good is that the reporter bimbo is not in it at all!!) Anyway, the character that stuck me the most was Miranda out of the whole comic she had to be one of the coolest people. She was strong, stood up for her beliefs and wasn't afraid to shout them at the top of her lungs every chance she got. The ending of the first volume was sad, but I won't spoil the ending for you, you'll just have to find out for yourself! ~Jai_byrd =^.^=


The one, the only, PMS Woman!

Race: Human (Second Gen. Venusian)
Age: Early 30's to Late 20's
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gray
Status: Team Queen of the Killer Kommandos Bike Team

****The story is set in the Venusian Year 72, or the Earth Year 2083, two generations after an asteroid hit Venus, taking with it a portion of Venus' atmosphere making it inhabitable. This is when first you see Miranda and Ken Seno (in the Manga) in a Battle Bike game, which is basically a cross between American Football and Off Road Bike races. The rules of the game differ in both the Anime and the Manga, but in the Manga the Team Queen is the ruler of the team, directing the fifteen team members do what and sometimes to crash with each other which is what the spectators want to see (reminds me of NASCAR). The Team Queen represents the "Spirit of Venus", and Miranda is just like Venus, unforgiving and chaotic.
****She is best described by Colonel Sims in the second issue of The Venus Wars Manga, "Sad... It seems to be the way of human nature though. Adults corrupt the young with evil ideas."
****Venus Wars, or originally "Venus Senki", was the creation of Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and was released in America by Dark Horse Comics in April 1991.
****The voice actors who played Miranda in the OAV are Yuko Sasaki in the Japanese version, and Jocelyn Cunningham in the English version.



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