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One doesn't see much of Queen Serenity in Sailor Moon, which makes her all that more alluring to me personally. It has to be hard to run a Kingdom, raise a daughter all alone, and fend off the forces of Negaverse to try and save the lives of her people. I wish we knew more about this Lady of the Moon, but sometimes the least information is the most. Pictures of her are hard to find, so if you have any good ones out there, please send them to me!


The most etherial of them all...

Race: People of the Moon/Goddess
Age: Unknown
Hair: White/Silver
Eyes: Gray-Blue
Status: Queen of the Silver Millennium/Kingdom of the Moon

*~*~Sailor Moon is steeped in a ton of mythology, mainly Greek and it all starts with Queen Serenity herself! In the Manga (Act 10: The Moon) in her first meeting with the re-born scouts she says: "On Earth, I am called Selene, Goddess of the Moon." So who is Selene in reality, or rather mythology? Originally Selene (Luna in Latin =^.^=) in Greek mythology was a Titan (an older race of Greek Gods) and had a brother who was the Sun God named Helios. In later years both Selene and her brother Helios were confused with the more modern Greek gods Artemis (Diana in Latin) and her twin brother Apollo. Even then Selene was still around, but as one of Artemis' three forms: Selene in the Sky, Artemis on Earth, and Hecate in the Underworld and Darkness. One can easily see where Queen Serenity, Serena, and the Cats get their names.
~*~*The main love story between Darien and Serena is also based on a Greek Tale. The Japanese version of Prince Darien's name, Endymion is Greek in origin. In the Tale, Endymion was a young and very handsome Shepherd/Hunter/King (his occupation depends on what poet you listen to) that attracted the love of Selene herself watching in the night sky above. She put him into an eternal slumber so that he would never age like her, but he would also never be awake to love her in return, so that her passion is her pain as well.

"Endymion the Shepherd,
As his flock he guarded,
She, the Moon, Selene,
Saw him, loved him, sought him,
Coming down from heaven
To the glade on Latmus,
Kissed him, lay beside him.
Blessed his fortune.
Evermore he slumbers,
Tossing not nor turning,
Endymion the Shepherd."

(Theocritus, 3rd Century)

Works Cited:

Hamilton, Edith. Mythology. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1942.



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