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I had a shop teacher once that said if he was rich he'd build a padded room dubbed the "Romper Room" that he'd throw his kids into it every so often so they could bounce around in it and tire out. Of course, he'd use it first after work. So when I noticed the bad habit of mine to fill out adoption forms for those cute-baby thingys and I had no where to put them, hence the Romper Room idea came back to me. So here it is. Cute stuff that can bounce around 'til it's pooped out and I'll ignore it until Social Services comes and takes this page away.

I adopted Kaim!

Here's my Fairy named Raven! Watch out! She's armed with a stick!

This is some dragon who followed me home when I was surfing, so I put him here.

Who's Your Catwoman Alter Ego?
Who's Your Catwoman Alter Ego?

This Washu Kitty
was adopted from
Ghost's Anime Page

This Kayura Kitty
was adopted from
Ghost's Anime Page

This White Blaze and Ryo Kitty
was adopted from
Ghost's Anime Page

I was looking for some more Washu links for my shrine to the Goddess of Science
when I found these cute little kitties, and me being a true cat, just one look
and I couldn't resist taking them home with me! Hopefully they'll all get along
and White Blaze with watch them and protect them for me, for one thing I hate is
people kicking my cats! Gnaw their legs off White Blaze! =~.^=

Whoo hoo! I've caught a bunch of girls to go with my guys! Now they can all
play here and breed and make better characters... Wait, that might not be a
good idea with some of these characters... =0.o=

Crap, I'm addicted to this place. If you like catching you're favorite Anime
and Video Game characters, then check out Pocket Bishonen. Now, I just need
to have them get D from Vampire Hunter D and Larva from Vampire Princess Miyu...

Well, I thought Ed and Spike would be lonely, so I caught them Ein! And
White Blaze... I think that makes two White Blazes on this page... WeIrD!

KillrGlitch sent me a really cool dancing Cat-girl! Wooo, lookie her gyrate... =0.o=