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If someone ever asks me "Who is your role model in life?" I'd probably answer, "Washu!" Why? Simple, as an aspiring scientist I really love that girl. Not only is she a Genius scientist/inventor and responsible for the creation of two of the main Characters in Tenchi Muyo! , but she also thinks adult matters are stupid (which they are) and protests this by staying in the body of a twelve-year old! Man I wish I could be her student! ~ =^.^=


I love her in her Goddess form...

Race: Goddess/Humanoid
Age: 20,000+
Physical Age: 12
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Status: The Number 1 Genius in the entire Universe! (OVA)

----Washu is the self-proclaimed Number 1 Genius in the Universe, and how can you dispute her? (Well, Dr. Clay would try, but he's just a silly-head) She is responsible for the creation of not only the starship the Soja, but also the lovely Ryoko and everyone's favorite Cabbit, Ryo-Ohki! She makes many more crazy and interesting inventions over the course of the OVA's in her multidimensional lab that's connected to Tenchi Masaki's broom closet under the stairs.
----Over 20,000 years ago, (give or take a couple thou.) Washu was actually a Goddess, doin' Goddess-type stuff with her two sisters, Tsunami and Tokimi. During that time, Washu for some reason decided to become mortal and then locked her memories and powers as a Goddess into 3 gems (the same that Ryoko uses...) and started a new life. Later on, as a student in the Galaxy Science Academy (which she later becomes President of), she fell in love and married another student there. They had a child together, but when her husband's family found out, they took them away from Washu because she was of a lower class than they. Since that day, she's been in the physical form of a twelve-year since she'll have nothing to do with stupid "Adult" matters that way.
----Later down the road she had an assistant named Kagato, who ultimately betrayed her by trapping her in the mirror universe part of the starship Soja and stole Ryoko to attack the Planet Juri with. After the whole kit 'n caboodle of Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, and Mihoshi fell in with Tenchi, Kagato came looking for Ryoko and the two missing Jurian Princesses. During the assault on the Soja, Mihoshi "accidentally" stumbled on the mirror part of the Soja and woke the trapped Washu. Hence how our favorite red-headed Genius came to live with poor Tenchi (Lucky sap!).
----In Tenchi Universe (TV series), Washu is a renegade scientist from the Galaxy Science Academy that was imprisoned in the Masaki shrine for 700 years because she blew up a couple galaxies (Hey! It was in the name of science!). She gets awakened by Ryoko, Ayeka, and Tenchi when the girl fight near the shrine...
----In Tenchi in Tokyo, Washu's still a Genius, but this time she's the partner in crime of Ryoko who both fall to Earth during a battle with Ayeka (No surprise there), and again the gang's formed when they run into Tenchi...
----There's another spin-off series with the Tenchi characters in it called Pretty Sammy (which I have personally never seen). In this one, Washu is a kid genius who is Sasami & Co.'s Teacher...
----In Japan, Washu's voice is played by Yuko Kobayashi and the English Dub she's played by K.T. Vogt.



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