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A truly musical website
Come revel in the world of Arislan!

Other Websites I work on:
Lair of the Felidae...
Finally up and running, you'll find info on the mysterious Jai'byrd as well as projects I'm working on and info on my favorite animal, the Felidae (Cats). The scheme is from the same place as False Realities's so go check it out!
The WCU Biology Club Homepage
Since I'm a member, I volunteered to do their webpage, and this is the result. If you're interested in Biology, or just a Nature enthusiast, I suggest you take a gander at this page.
The WCU Flute Section Homepage!
One day it came to my attention that the Trombones had a cool website and we, the much cooler Flute section didn't, I decided to put one up to let everyone know how woodwinds can really get down and rock!
The Lair of the Cat and the C-Monkey...
My Roomie, C-Monk and I wanted to do something that no other pair of Roommates had done before. We built a website of utter strangeness. Come see what it's like to live with the Animal Twins!
False Realities
False Realities is a MUD (Multi-User Dimension) that a friend and I have built and you can find me on as the Goddess of WeIrDnEsS Jai'eesh! Come visit me some time, but beware! Arislan is not what is seems...

Home of the Imperial Ink Comic Team!

Art/Comix Links:
Silver Bullet Comics Online
This is my comic book shop back home. Please visit and support it since in Wilkes, shops like this seem to blow away with the wind if you're not looking. LyfeSeaker and I go here often to play M:TG and drive our Maternal Unit nuts by buying "useless junk" (to her at least =~.^=). Stop on by sometime!
CJ's Gifts
Okay, this has nothing to do with Comic Books really, but this store is the only store close to WCU that sells M:TG cards. CJ's also sells many Comic Book related items, just not Comic Books. Odd, eh? Well, we like going there and they like us buying them out of cards! It's a win-win relationship!
Lazarus - The Many Reincarnations
Amazingly this comic artist/writer contacted me to exchange links! Weird, huh? His comic is really beautifully done and worth a look.
Trust me, telling you about this site would just ruin all the fun for ya...
An interesting place maintained by Thinh who with the help of the Imperial Ink Comic Team (IICT) is making a comic that might be interesting...
The Mystic Dragon's Aerie
I love this guy's art, I just wish he'd put these comics he keeps talking about up that his art is based off of!
Saskya's Realm
Another talented artist on the web, with collections of her work and others...
Life of Wily
In looking around for a decent Megaman website, I found this instead. And with this, I set off the "find the best webcomic" game with LyfeSeaker. Thus, the reason for all these new links in this section.
Bob and George
Another Megaman comic whose title has nothing to do with Megaman. But you should go here anyway.
Ever Summer Eve
Wow. All I can say about this place is WOW. Go here, and you will say Wow too!
Bite Me/Impossible
Vampires. The French Revolution. What do they have in common? This website will clarify everything. Sorta.
Little Saiyalings
DBZ meets Peanuts... the hard way. To quote Toonami, "They're so cute at that age..."
Ninja Burger
LyfeSeaker found this one, and a very good find I might add. Go there or commit Seppuku.
Ghost 2138
Great art plus a funny story line plus a bunch of visual jokes equals one hell of a good comic!
Online Comics.net
Got an Online Comic? This is the place to go!
Definatly worth a look-see...

AnimeArt Search

Look for:
Homepage of the Wacky Anime peoples at WCU!
One of the best personal art galleries out there

Japanese Anime Sites I attack often:
The Anime Web Turnpike
If you're looking for anime on the web, this should be the first place you go!
The WCU Japanese Anime Society Webpage
My college's Anime Club's Homepage! Come take a look! A crazy bunch 'o people indeed...
The Vampire Hunter D Archives
This is a beautifully done site on my favorite Anime OAV. *NEW* There's a new Vampire Hunter D movie out, so get the info on it here!
The Vampire Hunter D Fanlisting
Are you a fan of Vampire Hunter D? Well, so are a whole bunch 'o crazy people, so go stare at the list of 'em!
The Anime Archive
Great place to find pics from your favorite OVA's and series.
Anime Art
Want to find some art from any of the major Japanese artists? Go here! They feature manga series by Chiho Saito, CLAMP, and Tamayo Akiyama, just to name a few.
Ariel's Lair
This girl has a huge anime art selection with galleries dedicated to today's most popular anime.
Planet Namek
This place is insane. Love DB, DBZ, or DBGT? This has to be your first stop for everything Dragon Ball.
Toonami: Digital Arsenal
Has the clips and commercials seen on CN's Toonami, even all they way back from Moltar's days of running it. A must visit, especially since it's one of the few places that you can find a very scary clip about the time Sailor Moon almost got turned into an American cartoon... (I'm not talking about the dubbed and cut version either!)

Catwoman: Feline Fatale

Cat and Catwoman Lairs:
DC Comics Online
The first place you should go period if you love the Feline Femfetal.
The Catwoman Homepage
One of the first Catwoman websites I ever visited, and still the best!
Claw Marks: A Catwoman Fan Club
This fan club has passed through many hands and undergone many changes, but it's still the best to meet Catwoman lovers from all walks of life! Come join the fun sometime.
here kitty kitty
If you have a Catwoman site, I suggest you may want to join this clique.
Ed Brubaker's Cat Woman
An interesting new site dedicated to the new Catwoman series currently running. If you want to know what's up with the new series, check here first.
Harley and Catwoman's Page of Pretties
A dangerous team proves and interesting mix to make a website with. Check it out if you think you can keep sane (or insane).
Gotham Girls
Definatly a great place to visit if you love any other the bad girls of Gotham, for it has live web cartoons of their nightly antics!
Batman: The Animated Series
The Offical WB B:TAS website. It has a listing of all the episodes and a synapses for each.
Batman Sucks Forever
I thought this site went down, but I found it again! Despise the Batman Movies? Wanna see a spoof that's worth your time? Check this place out A.S.A.P.
Batman, Superman and Beyond: The World's Finest
This place is huge, you need info on the WB productions of Batman, Superman, JLA, or Batman Beyond this is the first place to go!
Nancy's Cat Animation Gallery
Not Catwoman related, but if you're looking for some GIFs of cats for your page, this is the place you need to go.

Join the Online Freedom Federation!

Other areas in the Universe I like:
Star Trek.Com
The first place any Trekkie or Trekker should go, this is the offical website of Star Trek.
Star Trek: The Books
The Publisher of the Star Trek books' website, check out what's coming out or order from here.
Online Freedom Federation
Yes bad me, I joined a cause. The OFF is a petition for getting Paramount and Viacom to leave we pitiful little Star Trek websites alone.
Save Star Trek!
I think the title is self-explanitory.
You Can't Do That On Star Trek!
Want to see Tim the Enchanter of Borg? Or how about the Millennium Falcon driving down a freeway? Then click here for the best amateur cross-over pictures on the net! Guaranteed to make to laugh 'till it hurts!

Cartoon Network!

Other inane places I haunt:
Virtual Insults
Insult your friends via e-mail today! Lots of fun and you don't get brought up on harrassment charges for it!
Blue Mountain Arts E-cards
This, if you haven't been there by now, is the best place for e-cards of all sorts. (Mainly gooey, touchy-feely stuff. Ewwwwwwwwww! =~.^=)
Anagram Genius
Yes there's nothing like learning how many wEiRd things the letters in you name or someone else's can spell!
Space Ghost!
One of the best things I love about this site is the complete transcripts from the show. If you really wanna waste time reading nonsense, come here!
Mainframe Online
I occasionally like going here since this is the first company that makes CGI cartoons, (ReBoot for one) so I just like to see what they have up their sleeve.
Dilbert Online
Only Induhviduals don't go here.
Garfield Online
If you don't know who this cat is, get help somewhere.
The Jim Henson Company
I bet the Swedish Chef can take on the Iron Chefs any day of the week!
Pazsaz Cartoon Database
This has most cartoons listed and cataloged. Great place to reminice about cartoons of yor!
Monty Python.Net
If you do not go here soon I will taunt you a second time!
The Weird Site
Web Site Number 9
Depressed we no longer have Mystery Science Theater 3000, well cry no more! Here's the home of Mystery Usenet Theater 3000 which has the boys back at it again making fun of horrible fan fiction! WE'VE GOT FAN FIC SIGN!!